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Fresh Ideas For Exploratory Essay Topics: 20 Great Suggestions

Are you working on your upcoming exploratory essay at this moment? First, you will need to pick a fresh topic to write about. In this post, we review some of the current subjects which may allow you to create a high-quality essay without much effort.

  1. The negative effect of divorces in a family with children. Study the consequences that divorces have on families and especially on the kids.
  2. Does religion have a negative or positive effect on a family?
  3. Some studies point out that parenting effectiveness does not depend on the parent's genders. Same-sex couples have proven to be as efficient in taking care of children by some recent studies.
  4. Do single childless adults should be encouraged to adopt?
  5. The possible consequences of marrying someone who had a different faith than you.
  6. Is the concept of family evolving in the current societies around the world?
  7. Does marriage between people who share the same ethnicity or race function more effectively? Compare and contrast the figures; do you find any relevant difference in the divorce ratios?
  8. What are the most frequent reasons of arguments in a couple nowadays?
  9. What are the ten most frequent reasons for divorce in our country nowadays?
  10. The consequences of living surrounded by technology in our society.
  11. Alternatives which may help college students deal with their living expenses.
  12. The most likely negative consequences of regular caffeine intake in youngsters.
  13. How beneficial is working out in a daily basis for people depending on their age?
  14. The strategies that USA uses in order to maintain a technological lead over other countries.
  15. How can we effectively deal with the obesity crisis which is yet to come in some decades?
  16. The most promising developments which will allow us to reduce global carbon emissions. Study the possible measures which governments will use in the following years to deal with the global warming effect.
  17. Are ex-convicts able to fully rehabilitate and become productive members of our society?
  18. Why can't people or the United Nations effectively lead the conflicts in Middle Orient to a halt?
  19. The ten most useful tricks to save some pocket money for teenagers in our country. Search and explain the most cost-efficient habits to raise your savings.
  20. How can you consistently make a living out of working on the Internet in a regular basis?