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A Step-By-Step Guide To Composing A Broken Family Definition Essay

A definition essay is an intelligent elaboration on what may be a short phrase or even a word. Virtues or even vices can be explained in a systematic form and take the shape of a definitive piece. Thus, this piece is looked up as one to give you significant information about a pattern.

  • Under the lens
  • Let’s take a broken family under the lens. In order to define it; you will have to understand the figments of a family that breaks. It is actually a break-up from tradition. Traditionally, the world was a fusion of joint families.

  • Gradual sequence
  • Gradually, especially after the successful independence struggle in different countries, people sought independence from the filial chains. They were fed up of the patriarchal dominance and wanted a space for themselves and their own family.

  • The flexible accord
  • This led to nuclear families with an accord that the nuclear family will come and meet its mother family at regular intervals. This ensured compassion as well as distance; perfect recipe for happiness. This also led to severe problems.

  • Rise in responsibility
  • Now that the families became nuclear; the responsibility grew up. Earlier, these responsibilities would be melted in the cauldron of joint families; now the new head of the family had to bear it on his shoulders.

  • The growing straits
  • The family of four now had four distinct personalities; each pining for his or her own freedom. The kids started to discern the devil in their fathers while the parents felt their kids becoming manageable. The conjugal relations also took a beating as the economic and social stresses evolved.

  • Separate existence
  • Soon, the time came when the son wanted his own pad while the daughter would love spending time with her friend circle. Therefore, the texture of the family broke from joint to nuclear to isolated. There was too much angst and pique against a system off their creation.

  • The nucleated mentality
  • Currently, most humans are beset with the nucleated mentality; referred to as skyscraper mentality. While they may be connected with each other online, they detest the gatherings and social meetings. There is a fervent quest to be alone and get further sorrowed by the precept.

  • The denouement
  • One wonders of this case of the broken family is anyway helpful to efficiency and productivity. Perhaps the old-world charm of joint families was an extremely good idea. You can take your definition essay on broken family on these lines for evocation.

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