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Where To Get A Detailed Template For Writing An Essay

When you are writing an essay there are many features you will need to incorporate. You will need to determine what writing style is best as well as the physical layout of your paper. You may need to include certain stylistic elements as well.

It is often much easier for students to use a detailed template for writing an essay. This ensures that all of the key elements are included already and all the student must do is add their content to replace the existing content on the template.

Templates can be found online through a variety of sources. You can find templates from many educational websites and perhaps even from your academic library.

Downloading these templates and saving them on your computer can make writing an essay a much simpler process. You can always open them whenever you need them next and use them for your upcoming paper.

Below is a basic template for writing paragraphs within an argumentative or persuasive essay. You can review the information and apply it to your assignment.

The Basic Elements of the Paragraph

In order to be effective with your paragraphs you should make sure that every paragraph has the following:

  • Unity
  • Coherence
  • Topic sentence
  • Proper development

You will notice as you continue writing that these traits will often overlap. By adapting all of them into your essay you will be able to create constructive paragraphs that fit your argument perfectly.


Each of your paragraphs should be focused on one idea. If a paragraph in your essay starts to focus on one idea make sure that it ends on that idea too. Do not wander in the middle and try to stay united.


You want to make sure that every paragraph in your essay is readable. Your reader needs to be able to make sense of the information. In order to do this you need to include logical bridges and vertical bridges. Logical bridges connect the same topic idea from one sentence to another. This trick can be used to construct successive sentences in a more parallel form. Verbal bridges are when you repeat key words within multiple sentences. You can also use synonyms in multiple sentences. Pronouns can be used to refer to nouns which were discussed in previous sentences and transitional words can be used to link various ideas from multiple sentences.

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