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Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence against women has been an ongoing problem through history. The worrying aspect of Domestic Violence is that women find it hard to accept that their partner will never change and they tend to stay with their partner in the hope that they will change and become the loving husband and partner that they once were.

Women are very reluctant to share their problem with anyone even their best friend. They are not just physically hurt they are psychologically and emotionally maimed by the Violence. The perpetrator will always put the blame on the woman saying ‘you made me do that’. No one made them do that they did it if their own accord.

Alcohol is a usual trigger. The rest of the time the husband or partner may be a very amiable and likeable person. But under the influence of alcohol they become a changes person. It is usual for a man to be violent towards a woman only to apologise profusely the following day when they have sobered up, saying that it will never happen again. But it does.

Traditionally the Police avoid involvement in domestic disputes as what goes on behind closed doors is private, but laws have changed and the sense of responsibility housing as seen reason. The police are now able to support the woman, by helping her seek housing and support in a woman’s refuge.

Additionally apart from women staying with their abusive husband or partner in the hope that their behaviour will change the other reason that they may not leave may be purely financial. They may not have the money themselves to physically get out of the home or have friends or family to support them. This is made more apparent if there are children as it would take a lot of organisation and some money.

Children can be emotionally scarred through witnessing domestic violence. The situation will have long term effects on their mental health and the relationships that they form in the future. Or on the other hand they may see the way their mother is treated and accept that it is a norm or family life.

The best way forward is through education, though women who have been a victim of domestic violence to share their story. They need to pass on the signs that they may have noticed that may have been the change in the behaviour of their husband or partner. They need to make other people aware of the situation and become empowered by this knowledge.

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