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Your First Expository Essay: Basic Writing Strategies From An Expert

This style of paper requires the writer to explore a topic, describe the topic, and then to argue or prove a point about that subject. It is usually not the first style of paper written, as it can be confusing at first. It is one of the types of writing that is often used in business and in the professional world. So, it is a good idea to now how to compose one. When you are given your first expository paper, we can help you.

Expository Papers: Basic Writing Expert Strategies

  • Brainstorm-surf the net; check out social media, see what is trending, and take notes on anything that interests you for your subject. Then begin to narrow down the possible subject ideas.
  • Topic and main ideas-now pick your top five ideas and see what kind of credible support exists on the subjects. You should be able to then determine which one works best for you. You should also be able to then come up with your main points. The idea and the main points will then lead to your topic sentence. A good sample statement might be—Domestic abuse can be attributed to poor parenting, lack of schooling, poor economic conditions, and being abused. Of these, the most likely factor to lead to abuse stems from those who have been abused themselves.
  • Proof to support the main ideas-once you have the thesis statement, begin to find your research from academic sources.
  • Outline –with a thesis statement and research, you can begin to put together your outline. This step is vital to a well-structured and well-written piece.
  • Rough draft-that perfect outline will make for your rough draft. There will be changes in this step of he process. This is normal; so do not get alarmed with this.
  • Edit-let the rough draft rest for a while, while you rest your eyes. You always want fresh eyes for the edit phase. If you have trouble with proofing and editing, as many people do, then enlist help from a friend or family member.
  • Final draft-after you have finished with the proof and edit stage, you can then compose the final draft. Be very careful to not make any new errors as you write this paper. You will want to also proof and then to edit the final paper carefully. This is the last step in the expert process.