essay writing tips

How to write a hook for an essay to catch readers attention

When you are writing an essay you need a great hook in order to catch the readers’ attention.

When you are writing a good hook consider the following:

  • Keep it simple. The simpler the hook the better. Short and sweet but intelligently worded will get you quite far.
  • Start with a verb. This will make it easier and faster for the brain to comprehend the meaning of the sentence.
  • When you set out to write your hook and the subsequent paper keep in mind the following:

It is important to keep a weekly schedule that will guide the management of your time during a semester. This allows you to keep note of projects and activities that are due and expected during the week so that you can plan for them accordingly, as well as giving you the opportunity to add activities and assignments that you need to engage in even before the week begins. Be detailed and clear regarding tasks, indicating any materials that you will need to conduct you activities.

If you plan to go shopping for example, create a list of the things that you need to buy and where you will go to buy them, including as well the amount of time that this venture will take. Similarly, if you have a club meeting and are expected to provide three items, note them down in your weekly schedule. Be realistic about your time management, taking into account things like traffic and planning to maximize the time that you have.

Consider all the activities that you will engage in during the week: from cooking and cleaning to attending classes and club meetings, relaxing with friends and sleeping. The time spent on personal time should be balanced with that spent on academic matters. List down the tasks that you need to complete during the week, along with an estimation of the amount of time it will consume. This will aide you in determining more specific start and end times for each activity to better plan and manage your time. Estimate time with the ‘worst possible scenario’ attitude in mind, ensuring that you will more likely finish a task early than run late in completing it. This keeps your schedule on track, as opposed to having a tight schedule that will end up being incomplete.

Determine the days in which you can do specific projects and activities and plan accordingly so that you can better organize your daily schedules. This minimizes the chances of making major adjustments to your timetable and helps you to effectively meet deadlines.