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Problem Solution Essay Topics: 25 Interesting Ideas

In writing a problem solution essay, it is in your own interest that you first understand what this type of paper is about. Unlike argumentative or comparison papers, this particular one is centred around a problem to which you offer solutions that would better take care of such problem and finally, support the credibility of such solution with facts or evidence. Take note that for your target readers to be fully convinced about your proposed solution, the support you provide should be a very strong and compelling one. Now that we have cleared this particular hurdle, let us proceed to the next hurdle – choosing topics.

This is another hurdle that a lot of students get confused on how to cross it. Choosing an essay topic can be difficult or easy, depending on the approach you employ. To bail you out, here are a few ideas for your problem solution paper. They are:

  • What are the best methods of eliminating sexual assault on campuses?
  • How can victims of rape be helped without revealing their identities?
  • How can mental health practitioners help in the prevention of mass shootings?
  • In what ways can police brutality be effectively eliminated?
  • How can school authorities be equipped to determine extreme mental instability in students and teachers?
  • How can mental health programs be made available to those who cannot afford them?
  • In what ways can students be protected from predatory acts of some credit loan institutions?
  • Through what means other than school fees can administrative costs of academic institutions be handled in order for governments to offer free education?
  • In what ways can the government support corporations towards opening up new markets?
  • How can internet bullying be effectively checked?
  • How can child labour be effectively addressed by world governments?
  • In what ways can depressed people be helped?
  • In what ways can unions be more beneficial to its members?
  • What are the best approaches to get out of a terrible relationship?
  • In what ways can you help a friend who is not capable of making the right choices in life?
  • How can you extricate yourself from the grips of manipulative friends and relatives?
  • How can people have real relationship in a long distance relationship?
  • In what ways can racism be successfully eliminated?
  • What are the right methods to effectively blend with people from different cultures and economy?
  • How can you cope in a relationship with language barrier?
  • In what ways can school dropouts be encouraged to further their education?
  • What measures can be taken to limit the number of divorces in the society?
  • What methods work best in encouraging abstinence?
  • What measures should be taken to limit or eliminate gun violence in the society?

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