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Tips On How To Construct An Outline For A Movie Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay is the type of paper where the student has to create an opinion about the given paper. You begin by taking a stance in the paper for the subject under concern. Then you would go ahead and prove this stance through using valid data. You will give information or data about both sides of the work so that it is easier for your audience to have a clear perspective of the subject. You will give the evaluation later but first you will discuss both sides and present them to the reader.

If you are writing an evaluation about a movie, you should be able to analyze and identify both strengths and the weaknesses in the movie. You should watch the movie with a critical eye or even you can divide it in parts and watch each part carefully. You will have to understand the genre, purpose, audience, background, theme and concept behind the movie to be able to rank or evaluate it.

The outline is an important part of your work and acts as a backbone for your assignment. This is where you will arrange and organize all your data so that you can use it later in your assignment. The outline is a part of pre-writing phase and once you pull off a good outline, half of your task is complete. It is simple to create an outline and will save your time and efforts. If you are not sure how to do it for an evaluation paper, then you should consider the following

  1. Understand the subject/movie
  2. The first and most important step you have to take is to develop your understanding of the movie so that you are clear about its purpose, genre, setting and background. See what the director is trying to achieve through this paper and who the audience is

  3. Identify the strengths and weaknesses
  4. Rank the movie based on different criteria for each aspect. This will lead to clear strong and weak points in the movie

  5. Create your opinion
  6. Give your verdict by comparing the strengths and weaknesses

  7. Gather your data
  8. To support the points you have made

  9. Analyze your data
  10. Check whether this data is relevant, valid, recent and authenticated

  11. Organize data in an outline
  12. Finally arrange your data in an outline in forms of lists and bullets