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Writing An Introduction For A Long Essay: Vital Things To Consider

Essays are one of the most assigned academic papers you would write during your life. Different students have different ways of approaching these academic assignments depending upon their preferences and what they have learnt so far. You can write the paper in any method you like as long as it meets the instructions from your professor. If you are to write a lengthy paper, you need to remember that all sections introduction, body, and conclusion will have to be lengthier and you cannot only increase the length of one section to write a length paper.

The introduction is one of the most important sections in your paper because it is the first impression the reader will have for your paper. You need to make sure your introduction is able to get the attention of your readers and keep them engaged to continue to the rest of your work. This is critical because the introduction acts as a road map for your paper and gives a brief definition of the total scope of work. An introduction aims to do two important things in your paper

  1. It gives a hook to your readers to keep them engaged in your paper and develop their interest for the rest of the assignment. The hook should be intelligently placed in your paper in a way that it surprises your reader, engages them or even outrages them to see why you included this in your paper
  2. The second thing your introduction should do is show the scope of your overall paper to the reader. This means you need to define the scope of your paper so that the reader knows what he will find in the rest of your assignment. The best way to do this is include a well thought out and composed thesis statement by the end of your introduction paragraph. The thesis statement defines the purpose and main theme of your paper

One important thing to note here is that the thesis statement is not a consensus statement or a sentence about a fact or common knowledge. This statement should be argumentative so that you can take a stance based on it

The most important thing to keep in mind while writing an introduction for your paper is to stay precise and brief. Avoid repeating similar ideas or fluff to create a quality introduction