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The Culture Of The Roma Gypsies

Gypsies is a term that expresses low opinion for the Roma people, who are a community of about 12 million people in different parts of the world. A million of them actually live in the United States of America. The low opinion towards the Roma community was due to the perception that the community originated from Egypt. However, this perception was proven wrong by a study that was published in the year 2012. The study found out that people of the Roma community, the Gypsies, had Y chromosomes and DNA that is only found in people from South Asia.

The Gypsies’ communities include Romanichals who are in England, Romanlar from Turkey and Kale who are mostly in Wales and Finland, among others. Despite having the Gypsies in different parts of the world, the cultures of all these communities are very similar.

An integral part of any culture is spiritual believe. In the past, Gyspies did not appreciate any specific religion and actually rejected all religions with contempt. Having spread to different parts of the work, the Roma Gypsies now follow religious beliefs of the areas where they live. Therefore, some Gypsies are Catholics, others are Muslims, and others are Anglicans, to name just a few religions. Even though different Roma Gypsies have different spiritual beliefs, they still follow a set of rules called Rromano. These rules dictate how to stay clean, pure, honourable and just.

In addition to spiritual beliefs, language also forms an integral part of any culture. Roman Gypsies may be scattered all over the world but they still speak a common language called Rromanes. Rromanes language can be likened to Punjab, which is spoken by communities in the north of India. Statistics show that approximately 6 million people speak the language of Rromanes in Europe as well as in the US.

The Roman Gypsies’ culture places some regulations in regard to their families. To begin with, these communities highly value their extended families. This value leads to different generations living together, in a single household. Another aspect of the Gypsies families is early marriages, during teen years. Moreover, the greatest percentages of marriages in these communities are arranged. When boys and girls are courting, girls are advised to dress provocatively. Despite such type of dressing, premarital sex is prohibited.

In conclusion, the Roma Gypsies communities may be spread all over the world but they have managed to maintain different aspects of their culture: family structure, language and Rromano rules.