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Where To Look For An Example Of A Problem Solution Essay

Now, there has hardly been a man born who lived till 30 and never faced a problem. Likewise, there is hardly a sector, a platform which never faced any glitches. The crux should lie on finding out solutions rather than pontificating over problems.

The way to learn

A problem solution essay is extremely erudite in nature. It first treats you with the vitality of a problem and then liberates you with a winsome solution. That it is inveterately balanced is another matter altogether.

Here are the places to look out for examples of problem solution essays –

  • Your home – Your home faces obstacles on the trot; the ceiling leaks; insulation is sub-standard; the architecture has lost the plot, the house is heavily disorganized. The climate is uncouth, indoor air quality is poor; the house is not energy-conscious. All these open the door for problem solution essay.
  • Your neighborhood – Your neighborhood may be standing on a pile of garbage, may have an errant lifestyle; may be parochial. There may be racist strains; security and accessibility issues, indifference to household and external crimes. All these again yearn for solutions and can form healthy precept for the essay.
  • The working place – Your dad’s office may be excessively dependent on him, there may be budgetary, arbitrary or judgmental issues. The streams may not coalesce in a refined manner. The targets may be too fanciful or outlandish. You can carve your pieces out of these.
  • The city or country – There may be communal and other ideological issues; electricity and power may be scarce, education system sub-standard. The standards of nutrition, pregnant lady care, healthcare centers; they may all be vitiated. Some of the regulations may be fractious or absurd. These are the feeding grounds for exceptional problem solution essays.
  • The general psyche – The psyche hands out avenues for creation of problem solution topics. People may be parochial or patriarchal. People may be too indolent to make the country develop. They may have crab mentality; preventing others to rise. There may be an irritating perspective about the fair sex. Crime may be common enough to bypass logic.

Whatever topic you choose for the problem solution essay, make sure that you don’t analyze it from a single angle or side. Weigh both the sides and try to eke out a worthy liberating path, which may be emulated by others as well. There is merit in a well-carved out definition.