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Peter The Great


Peter the great was a great czar, he was born in Russia at Moscow in the year 1672. He was called Alexis and was the emperor of Russia, where he was ruling Russia as from the year 1645 to 1676. Peter is the memory of many as a person who begun extensively reforming Russia with the aim of turning it into a great nation. He gets credit as he was heading the drag of Russia from the medieval times. By the time he was facing his death in the year 1725; his country was in the lead in comparison to the other states of eastern European.

After his father’s death, Peter the great and his brother Ivan V were ruling Russia jointly until he succeeded his brother after he died in 1696. By the time he was inheriting the sovereignty, it was all in a mess as the country was not developed. Russia was objecting westernization, and so this led it to isolation as other European countries were facing modernization. In the time that he was leading the country, he took reforms that were extensive in the reestablishment of his country to a high nation. He was facing a strong opposition which was from the medieval aristocracy; he overcame all thus initiating a series of changes that were affecting the Russian life in all dimensions.

On his reign, Peter the great formed a navy that was so strong, thus reorganizing his army to meet the standards like that of the Western. More so, he brought in administrative controls in regard to the reaction of the Orthodox Church hence introducing administration and territory division of Russia. Peter the great was focusing on the science development. Thus, he was recruiting experts who would educate his people in matters that were relating to advancements of technology. He then put interest on commerce that was developing and industries. Peter the great created a population that was gentrified bourgeoisie. Having to copy the western culture, he introduced the Julian calendar, modernized their alphabets thus leading him to introduce the first newspaper in Russia. His rule advocated the government of viable senate thus he abolishing the Russian archaic form of government.

Through his efforts, Peter conquered territories like in Finland, Latvia and Estonia thus securing the black sea. Russia became a great nation under his leadership and attained the title of Emperor of all, though strict Peter the great proved to be a leader of action till he met his death in 1725.

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