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Anxiety In The Cancer Patients

Anxiety can be regarded as a default reaction to cancer. A patient may have anxiety when he or she is going through the screening test for the cancer, looking forward for the results of the test done, when the doctors diagnose for the Cancer, at the time of receiving medications and other treatment for the cancer or may be someone who got cured being afraid of getting the censer again. Anxiety related to the cancer patient may give rise to the pains that are there actually within, and will not allow the patients to have a sleep, vomiting and nausea and also will have m impact on the way the patient lived his or her life so long and the family members of the patient too. This is very important to be treated with care as if the situation is not treated for the patient it will direct the patient’s survival rate lower.

The level of anxiety within the cancer patients would change where rather increase of decrease at different times. When the patient gets to know that the cancer is spreading or if the medications and the treatments are becoming intense, the anxiety levels will go up. Some people have the tendency to get an understanding of the cancer and learn more about, and the treatments that are due, via which they will try and also may reduce the anxiety levels within them. This is related to more mentally strong people. And for some people who have experienced higher level of anxiety at the early stages of the cancer will have a troubling time when the treatments gets more intense.

High level of anxiety related to cancer treatment will occur for the patients who have experiences of the anxiety when the caner was diagnosed. Patients who are in lot of pain, disabled and the patients who do not have any family members or friends to take care of them will have higher level of anxiety. Other than that, when the patient gets to know that the treatments given are not responsive also, the anxiety levels be at higher stage. Tumors in the lungs and metastases of central nervous system may give rise problems physically that cause anxiety. Many cancer treatments and medications can increase the feelings of anxiety.

Most of the time even though the people think the anxiety is caused by the fear of death it is not the. Mostly Anxiety is caused by the unbearable pain the feeling of being left alone, loneliness, high dependence on others and many other issues that can me solved with proper consultation