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How to Compose an Impressive Descriptive Essay About Las Vegas

In Sin City, the sights and sounds are overwhelming. From cars rushing past to the continous sound of slot machines, the environment is filled with noise and light. For students, this type of environment is a perfect one for writing a descriptive essay about Las Vegas. There are plenty of things to talk about, so students can get started on their paper right away.

Describe the City

Students can focus their essay on writing a basic overview of the city. They can discuss the various streets that make up the Las Vegas Strip, the top casinos and the many questionable entrepreneurs who operate in the area.

Think Outside of the Box

Instead of just writing about the typical casinos or Sin City type of descriptions, students could focus on the “normal” side of Las Vegas. They may want to look at how residents live, their schools, hospitals and lifestyle. In the movies and popular culture, this side of the city is often glossed over. For an even more interesting paper, students could contrast the Las Vegas of mobsters and movies with the Las Vegas experienced by the average resident.

Living With Mobsters

Not long ago, Las Vegas was home to famous mafia groups. At the time, they had a deal that any deaths would occur outside the city and the casinos were often managed by the mafia. Students could focus on writing about this specific era in Las Vegas history. They could cover what life was like for the average mafia person or cover the lives of the leading mobsters.

Look at a Casino

In shorter descriptive essays, covering an entire time period or city can be difficult. Instead of looking at the city as a whole, students could write about a specific building or casino within it. They could talk about the sights, sounds, smells and feelings that they experience at the site.

Remember to Create an Outline

Describing an entire topic can take pages and pages of writing. To make sure that this work remains organized and cohesive, students should create an outline first. With an outline, the student has a logical guide to their work. It helps to prevent the student from skipping over key details and ensures that they do not end up repeating the same information.

Ask for Help

Many of the older residents of Las Vegas have key insights into what the city was like to live in or work in. Students can ask one of these individuals for extra help when it comes to writing. In addition to getting help from an older resident, students can also ask their teacher or professor for assistance. It is the teacher's job to help each student, so they will be available for any of the questions that the student may have.