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Effectively Managed Company

A company needs to develop and implement basic management functions to ensure its goals are met. The functions of management include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The functions serve to harmonize a company’s resources, personnel effectiveness and set goals and objectives. A company’s success is dependent on its managerial abilities to identify and execute the four functions appropriately.


Planning involves setting goals and objectives and analyzing how well it can be achieved. This is through evaluating the company’s current position and the future expectations. A well-managed company has a well-defined current operational status is able to accurately forecast the possibility of its future. Planning is the foundation tool of management from which other functions are built from.


It is a management process that deals with arranging the company’s resources by proper delegation of duties and responsibilities to the appropriate department. Organizing determines the internal structure of the company. Proper management ensures that the company structure is well organized and capable of achieving the goals and objectives effectively.


Leading requires the management to direct and motivate employees to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Managers are required to use their communication abilities and authority to execute leadership effectively. A company is considered well-managed when its management is able to coordinate the company’s resources and staff through proper communication structures and motivation. This means that the management has to display professional communication strategies and plans within the company.


Controlling includes setting and establishing standards that a company is expected to achieve. The management measures job performance and takes corrective measures whenever it is required. Through controlling, a company ensures the organized plans are being implemented properly. A well-managed company therefore has to execute its controlling function effectively. The company’s potential problems have to be figured out, analyzed and corrective measures taken by the management. This means that the policies have to be well formulated and the operations of the company are running smoothly.


A successful company is one that is able to meet its goals and objectives eventually. The four functions are inter-related and the management has to be conversant with the execution processes of the functions. This means that a company’s management team has to be professional and adequately skilled to understand the dynamics of effective management. Proper execution of the four functions is what defines the success of a company and is therefore very crucial.