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Learning To Compose An Original Analysis Essay

When writing an essay, and trying to come up with original material it takes a great deal of time; when you have something original, it can help your essay to stand out. But finding original material can be a challenge.

  • Coming up with a new idea
  • Analyzing the material
  • Presenting the material
Coming up with a new idea

When looking for a new idea, it can be very daunting, and frustrating. What usually is the best way to look for an idea is to look at what is already out there, and find what you can within that material. It is important that you try to not take something, that has been done, and it is simply a watered down version, of what has been done, or you simply put your own spin on it, but there is nothing really new. This is similar when having a new idea for an invention; most inventions are based on something, which already exists and people try to find a way to improve on it. The same approach can be made when writing your essay.

Analyzing the material

As I mentioned when you take material from established sources, you want to be careful not to have something, which has already been done. This is where good analytical skills come in, it helps to first establish what are the main original points of the idea, which you were drawing from; then study criticisms of the argument both people agreements, and disagreements. When you have a basic idea, from there you can form your arguments, and try to take it from a new perspective. It is important to have good sound arguments, so people will appreciate your perspective. As I mentioned you want your idea to be original, and in order to do this present the established arguments, and from there present your idea, and how this is original. If you can form your arguments, this is what will make essay stand out.

Presenting the material

When you present your material make sure to have all the sources cited. The great thing is there are numerous sources available. If you are having a live presentation utilize powerpoint, and any equipment, which you feel is necessary. If you’re looking to eventually have this work published, this will be a huge necessity. Original ideas are always being pursued, so if this passes well, publishing could be something to look into.

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