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Looking For Well-Written College Essay Heading Examples

A college essay is an essential part of academics. Working on their assignments, students learn how to formulate their thoughts, use their imagination, and think creatively. A proper structure and a well-written content are equally important if you want to impress your academic advisor. You should pay attention to every detail, so it is a good idea to learn how to write a heading for your paper and where to find well-written examples if you need one.

How a High-Quality Essay Heading Should Look Like

Before you start searching for a good sample, you should check the requirements of your professor. It also makes sense to find out how a high-quality piece of writing should look like. A typical heading should be put in the top left corner of the page. The indentation should be set to left-justified.

Usually, a heading includes your name, your professor’s name, the name of the subject and its code, and the date of submission. Then, you should provide the title of your work. Remember to include a header into your paper. The first page should contain only the page number. Further, you should also provide your last name, along with the page number.

The font size, spacing, and indents are usually the same as in the essay text. However, if you have any doubts, it is recommended that you consult your academic advisor.

Where to Find Reliable Examples of Essay Headings

You can search for examples of headings or look for top-quality essays to use them as examples. Either way, the following places are worth visiting:

  • Your school’s academic writing center.
  • If you want to learn more about the assignment formatting, it is a good idea to go to your school’s writing center. There, you will find plenty of useful guidelines, high-quality templates, and easy-to-follow tips. You can also consult a center’s instructor if you have any questions related to the assignment.

  • Your school’s library.
  • Having a book with dozens of sample essays is very helpful. At the library, you can also get a writing manual with guidelines on how to format your paper properly. Most libraries provide collections of academic assignments written by college students that can be used as samples.

  • Fellow students.
  • Asking the fellow students for some assistance will save your time and effort. Some students have great collections of useful materials related to academic writing, including formatting manuals and examples. Do not hesitate to ask them to share their works and provide you with important details to keep in mind.