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Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone has become fundamental need of our life since it has made communication process ample fast. However, many people consider it as a major threat to mankind because of the harms caused by electromagnetic waves, emitted by cell phone antenna. In this essay, we have tried to explore the offshoots of cell phone radiation and how it affects the human biology in one way or other.

Basically cell phone antenna emits dangerous non-ionizing radiations, usually called radio frequency, which directly affect brain or the connected part of the individual. Radiofrequency energy amount very much depends upon the type of phone, the technology used for manufacturing, distance between user and antenna of the phone and the phone tower. This radio frequency energy is safer as compared to any other microwave energy, but still thought to be harmful for the users and considered as one of the major reasons of cancer. People presume that it affects the tissues of the body parts which are directly in contact with the cell phone; and ultimately cause harm to that specific part.

The analysis of aforementioned argument indicates that generally, people consider cancer or heart attack as the offshoot of cell phone radiation. For instance, people who talk on phone excessively are expected to confront cancer issue. Similarly, people who keep phones in the front pocket of their shirt are assumed to have high heart attack ratio which is a wrong notion. Studies have shown no major link between these diseases and RF radiations of cell phone.

Mossman has indicated in his study that there is no relation between cancer or brain tumor and RF radiations emitted by cell phone. Similarly, Prasad has done research keeping the harms of cell phone radiations under consideration and concluded that if an individual uses cell phone constantly for at least ten year period, he is expected to have increased risk of glioma and acoustic neuroma.

In order to reduce the risks associated with cell phone radiation, experts advise to assume safety measures such as not to sleep with the phone near the ears, not to talk more than half hour on mobile phone, keeping updated phones etc. Since with the passage of time, the mobile phone industry is updating, the ways of using cell phones are also updating simultaneously.

To conclude entire discussion, we can state that using cell phone is not harmful. People consider it as a biological threat due to the radiations emitted by the antenna but it is a wrong perception. If used taking proper safety measures, cell phone is one of the most advantageous inventions of science and technology.

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