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Historical Works Of Art In Popular Culture

The rise of popular music coincided with the popular culture, which has been historically characterized by popular art and a range of artworks in the popular culture. Historical works of art in the popular culture range from basic drawings to carvings, which were imperative in keeping track of major events and people in the culture. This paper looks at the historical works of art in the popular culture with the view of understanding their characteristics and major contributions of these arts.

Lawrence Alloway coined “I was a Rich Man’s Plaything” characterized by visual disposition of reality in sexual abuse and prostitution. The art is a show of morality in the popular culture as prostitution particularly increased and the rich people used women for sexual satisfaction in exchange for money as depicted in the drawing. In 1956, Richard Hamilton created what would later become the ultimate gallery for a popular homestead. He shows the lifestyle of a person in the popular culture including the collection of furniture, food, appliances, television, and television programs, sex, and clothing through his work, “Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?” The art in popular culture is thus characterized by free lives with people more concerned about their lifestyles compared to the effects of such lifestyles.

“The Scream” by Edvard Munch is widely known to depict the suffering of the people in the 19th century and the enjoyment of a band after jubilation. The artwork shows the experiences of the people thus bringing another aspect of the popular culture art. The art depicted the feelings of the people. In 1964, Rene Magritte developed a painting named “Son of Man” showing a man in a back suit with an apple in his mouth. The painting shows that everything a person sees may have something else hidden behind it. This characterized the lives of the people in the popular culture as they mainly lived in pretense while shying away from the reality.

Ron English developed a painting of Abraham Lincoln as a portrait to remember the great American leader. This shows that the works of art in the popular culture also helped the people to keep track of their heroes. In 2008, Ron English also developed a drawing of Abraham Obama, a unique link between the faces of the two presidents. This majorly outlined the standing similarities between the two leaders.

Historical works of art in the popular culture help in keeping record of major people, events, and seasons in the popular culture. The people value their past hence, their historical works of art help them to keep track of such.