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Segregation In American Schools: Current Conditions

  1. Early History
  2. In year 1954, the Supreme Court in America outlawed for segregated educational facilities for black and white students. For several decades the American Schools were segregated, according to the racial division of the country. Later on in 1964, the Civil Rights Act ended the laws regarding the segregation in the country. The Court identified five factors: facilities, staff, faculty, extracurricular activities and transportation which can help in an integrated educational system. In 1968-69 year 77 percent black students and 55 percent of Latino students went to public school. The Jim Crow rule was still followed till the period of 60s.

  3. Current Conditions
  4. The system of American schools pushed backwards in year 2009 onwards, where only 74 percent of black students and 80 percent of Latino students went to school that were more than half minority.

    According to a study done in 2012, the number of students who attended the schools was only one minority. It can be said that in some districts of America the schools are enormously segregated and separate school are unequal.

    The segregation in American schools is usually based on race, income level and the standard of living. The studies show that the country is moving backward to the segregation which was followed before the ruling was passed by the Court. The school segregation has been basically related to gaps in the housing conditions and income levels of the country. It means that the segregation is not just based on the race discrimination but actually related to the economic system of the country as well. Despite of the laws and legislations of equality, the country is facing segregation in the education system.

  5. Reasons for segregation
  6. In today’s world the term segregation has no value but there are certain reasons which lead to segregation. The main reason for segregation is the social and economic condition of the country. The current segregation is because of privileges given to certain community of students over others. The reason of privilege is poverty isolation and racism. The country has to work on these reasons to overcome segregation and integrate the education system as a whole. In 2007, the Supreme Court made integration more problematic by prohibiting Louisville, Kentucky, and Seattle, Washington, by considering the students according to the racial categories in cases where the number of students exceeded the seats available.