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7 Suggestions On Writing An Exploratory Essay On Bullying

Bullying is a very serious problem that is more and more present in our societies. Even if we are talking about kinder garden pupils or college students, we can not deny the fact that it is happening. That is why it is so difficult to write about this sensitive matter. There are many aspects to be taken into consideration, and even if it was discussed hundreds of times, there is no valid solution to this problem. If you have to write an essay about this, follow these suggestions:

  1. Present the numbers. I bet that most of your classmates don’t even imagine how many children face bullying every single day. They thing that these are exceptional cases, when they are actually very frequent. Introduce in your paper official statistics that show the situation in real way.

  2. Don’t get emotional. Especially if you or one of your friends encountered this problem before, you can tend to be more harsh than usual in your writing. This will not do your any favor, so try to be objective when you write.

  3. Be realistic. We all know that this is damaging and dangerous, but the child is not the only one to blame, especially if he is young. The behavior of the aggressor is influenced by family, media, school and so on.

  4. Discuss about the parents. Most of the time the children who are aggressive with other classmates come from families with problems, where violence, verbal or physical, is seen as something acceptable.
  5. What can the professors do? Obviously, informing campaigns is not easy. There has to be done much more than this to stop this phenomenon.

  6. Social support. In a class room if a student is bullied, not many colleagues will interfere because they don’t want to become targets. However, social support is very important to help reduce the negative consequences of this behavior. Students should be educated regarding this matter, so they can interfere when a situation occurs.

  7. What are the consequences? Of course, a student that is bullied will become shy and reserved, but the consequences can be much more severe than this. From depression to social anxiety, suicidal thoughts or criminal behavior, anything is possible. Once you present the potential repercussions, maybe one student will think twice before teasing a young child. This could become a very interesting project for your class.

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