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What Is The Best Way To Organize A Persuasive Essay?

A Persuasive essay, which is also known as argumentative discourse, requires the student to write a topic based on logic and reasons. A student is required to apply reason and logical understanding in his/her writing to show one idea as more prevalent than the other. When you are writing on this kind of topic, you are required to explore a topic, collect evidence in its support or against it, evaluate them and then present them in a concise and informative manner.

When you are given to write a persuasive piece of writing, your teacher, in general, wants to measure your logical and cognitive development. You need to include certain steps in your writing so that you can get a good score for that.

Organize your writing:
  1. You need to come up with a compact introduction to make your reader, and your teacher, understand what you are aiming to show in the rest of your writing. You need to write down clearly why you are writing on the chosen topic, what attracted you the most.
  2. Then you should move on to the body where you need to provide points in support of your argument. Make sure the argument doesn’t sound too much superfluous. You should provide supportive statements for each of your arguments. If you get hold of any case study, you must put it in your writing. You must put down the points under separate subheadings and include bullet points or numbering since it will be easier for your reader to gauge the points. Make two or three paragraphs for writing the points in support of your agreement.
  3. In the next part of your body, you should present ideas negating your argument. Remember, the arguments that you are writing against the topic must be equally strong as the arguments you put forward in favour of your topic. Also follow the same pattern of including bullet points and subheading for presenting the counter arguments.
  4. Finally, you should wrap up your writing with a strong conclusion. Always keep a scope of questioning in the concluding paragraph for the reader, so that the reader feels that there is something left for them for a deep introspection.

These are the essential guidelines for organizing a persuasive essay. In order to get the additional help, you can always look for help online where you will get a number of sample write-ups which will help you in providing guidelines on how you can come up with a writing of this genre.