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Where To Look For An Example Of A Great Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is a useful experience that will help you turn into a true researcher. To succeed in the task, you should explore two sides of a debatable issue, take you position, and develop a well-reasoned argument supporting your viewpoint with credible evidence. If you are not sure how to arrange ideas in your argumentative paper and what structure it should follow, find a proper example and rely on it in the process of work.

Places to Check

  • Your school.
  • Teachers usually keep the best papers of their former students and these works meet all of their requirements. Just don’t be shy and ask your instructor for a proper sample of argumentative writing. Your teacher will appreciate your desire to learn and provide you with a really good example. Senior students can also help you out. They should have written dozens of argumentative essays by now, and they will agree to share their samples with you.

  • A library.
  • Whether it is a school library or a public library, it will anyway come in handy. There are tons of useful materials there, and you should just know where to search and what you are searching for. A librarian will help you find what you need. Pay close attention to the books and tutorials on essay writing. These resources will definitely contain useful theoretical guidelines on how to write argumentative papers as well as the proper examples illustrating the theory.

  • The Internet.
  • Go online to find the necessary example. Use the option of keyword search in your favorite search engine. You are likely to be directed to the following resources:

  • Free essay databases.
  • As a rule, you shouldn’t pay to view the samples. At worst, you’ll be asked to share any of your previous papers. The majority of works in online databases are old and reused by other students. However, it doesn’t matter much since you are going to use them only as examples.

  • Professional writing services.
  • The websites of writing services contain lots of great examples of academic papers. Find the samples of argumentative writing and use them to your advantage.

    Things to Consider in the Process of Search

    Before you decide to photocopy or download available examples, make sure that they are qualitative. Your knowledge of the essentials of argumentative writing will help you pick the best samples to rely upon. Give preference to the pieces in your subject area and on the topics that are similar to yours.